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Design your Shipping Boxes Carefully to Put Good Impression on Customers

Packaging of any product is the first thing that attracts a customer. Even if you haven’t heard much about a product like for example a soap, the glossy look of the package, will drag you to its shelf. Imagine your old cereal company switching from cardboard box to a paper bag which can easily crush all your cereals? No matter how renowned the company is, even if they are indicating they’re environmentally friendly, still their packaging has to be up to the mark.

Similarly, when any product is shipped, there are many things to be considered. For example, a glass object cannot be sent in a paper bag or an electronic device cannot be covered with polythene bag. Every company has their custom shipping boxes to ensure that their product reaches safely to their customer. Packaging box will be the first thing that the customer would see which means it leaves an impression on your customer. Hence, just don’t consider them as cardboard boxes as your company’s impression depends on it.

By customizing your shipping box you are promoting your business and thereby working on your sales target. Shipping boxes have to be strong so that the product remains locked and safe in it. May be the boxes can be of regular shape and nothing much can be done about it, but adding labels and sticker is a trendy way of promoting a brand.

Here are some important points to understand that designing a package matters in a business –

  • Whether it is cardboard or corrugated box, each of them has material that absorbs a lot of ink, hence simply labeling them with sticker is the best way of promoting brands instead of using toxic ink. However, if your product is already in a package that is being sold directly to a customer and not being shipped, then using proper printing and ink to differentiate it from others is important.
  • Top brands have their exclusive designs that differentiate them from others. This is because they put emphasis not only on product, but also on packaging style which makes it exclusive.
  • Customizing box means giving proper space to every product and making it unique through its quality, position and material.

  • When a customer orders something, they are fully excited about it. You need to maintain the excitement by avoiding boring packages, but include graphics, logo and outshine your brand.

There are companies who are overprotective about their products and pack it in such a style that it takes at least an hour for the customer to open it. Remember that, packaging can make a customer irate or happy.

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