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Few Tips For Buying Steel Bars

Construction of houses and buildings needs many different materials and steel bars are one of the very important materials to buy in bulk. Hence you need to do sufficient amount of research while you decide to purchase steel bars in Houston.

Following are few important types while you are going to buy Houston steel.

  • What the purpose of your buying steel bars?

Mostly, steel bars are required as reinforcement for concrete structure and different types of grades are available for foundation, beam and slab, column or also for water tank depending upon the area located in the RCC structure.

  • Decide the quality/specification of the steel bars

Check quality by taking following steps

  • Buy grade of steel based on drawing spec.
  • Verify identification mark based on manufacturer.
  • No rust be allowed
  • Ensure the diameter is as specified in drawing by measuring with Vernier.
  • Study their product literature

While buying steel bars read all the available technical specifications or visit the manufacturer’s website. Understand and try to follow all the precautions as well as advise for using as per the all the written specifications provided in the literature.

  • Finance consideration

You must have proper budget for buying the steel bars. Try to evaluate your total need based on your project and buy in bulk to claim discount based on quantity. You can also save on your transportation cost with single purchase.

  • Brand

Always prefer to buy a popular and well-known brand of this item, which has maintained certain quality. Try to discuss with your structural engineer and get his recommendation about the brand.

It must conform to certain national or international standard.

  • Buy after testing

Test the materials in certain laboratory, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Normally, the hardness of the material needs to be checked. Besides, you can randomly take few pieces of 1 meter of the steel bar and measure its weight.

  • Selection of supplier and material

After doing all the above you must get quote from different suppliers and study their offer as well as their terms and conditions of the supply.

Check their payment terms and choose the one based, on your convenience.

  • Life of Material

Generally, steel bars will be one-time purchase, and hence it has very long-lasting life when it is embedded in concrete. However, if they are left in open environment then the likelihood of getting corroded soon increases.

Therefore, try to use them immediately, after you get them from the warehouse.

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