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Five Tips when Buying a Used Motorbike

Purchasing a used motorbike is an excellent way to get a running machine without spending a fortune while stretching your budget to get a nicer bike in the future.

If you want to get the most value when you purchase a used motorbike, below are some techniques you can use:

Wait For the Right Time

There is a perfect time and place for everything including used motorbike purchases. If possible, try to wait to purchase a used bike in the fall after the riding season. When the weather gets cold and leaves fall, the buyer’s market starts which means you can find awesome deals. Some bike owners will want to sell their bikes after one or two seasons.

Explore Deals from Other Locations

The values of used motorbikes tend to vary based on geographic location. Often, prices of new motorbikes are dictated by the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and dealer fees. But, what dictates pricing in the used motorbike market are supply, demand, and what people are willing to pay in any geographic location. Extending your search into areas not subject to fads will give you a better chance to get a better deal. Check out deals at

Consider the Value of Aftermarket Additions

A used motorbike purchase is a great way to get a bike that has the aftermarket options you want already installed. But, the seller usually thinks the additions are worth the amount they paid for them. A good exhaust system, a fresh oil change, and new tires are great additions to a second-hand bike that will save you some ownership money. These are additions that are more worth paying for than personalisation items such as new mirrors.

Think about your Desired Mileage

In the used motorbike market, the use of the inventory within wildly varies. While some people think that hitting 1, 000 miles every year is plenty of riding, others think that motorbikes cannot handle regular use and that they are just Sunday toys. If you have to choose between two side-by-sides with one having less than 20k miles than the other, the latter is obviously the better one to buy.

Make a Reasonable Offer

As a customer, you can always offer any amount you want on a used motorbike. However, offering too little can be taken with offense. This makes it important to take time knowing the market and the product and make a fair offer. A seller may toss in some aftermarket additions without charging extra because they like you.

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