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How Low Back Pain Sufferers Can Choose Mattress For Sleep Comfort And Back Support?

Lower back pain gets worse, if your mattress is wrong. Insufficient support from mattress underpins poor sleeping postures, muscle strains and misalignment of spine. All these are contributors of worsening the low back pain.

Understand the C-shaped gentle curves

  • Cervical curve supports head
  • Thoracic spine holds upper body
  • Lumbar spine is foundation for lower back

It is crucial to maintain spinal cord curve alignment, when lying in bed or you are inviting chronic back pain and if you already have one worsening the condition. Therefore choose a mattress that offers back support and comfort to alleviate low back pain by allowing spine structure to actually take a rest and rejuvenate all night.

With the varieties available in mattress sector, choosing an ideal one is hard. There is no one-size-fit-all solution. Below are some tips for people suffering from lower back pain on how to choose a mattress for sleep comfort and back support.

When you visit a mattress store in Arizona to choose an ideal one then there will be few things to consider. Matress360 in Glendale is a family owned shop that sells special mattresses for people experiencing high back pain.

Sleep positions

  • If you are back-sleeper than mattress with sufficient firmness to support lower back as well as be soft enough to cradle body contour is perfect. Actually, very stiff mattress tends to push against spine, while very soft ones hardly offer sufficient support.
  • If you are side sleeper then mattress with little softness is needed to cushion hips and shoulder.
  • If you sleep on your stomach then a firmer mattress will help them keep afloat.
  • If you tend to sleep with combination of all the above styles then memory foam mattress is ideal because it is designed to isolate lots of movement, while being not too firm and not too soft.

Physical composition of mattress

Key components of high quality mattress are –

  • Springs and coils offer back support – High coil concentration may mean high quality mattress but may not be best for you.
  • Top mattress padding for comfort – Top padding also indicates quality. These are available in different varieties and are costly but many people find its extra cost comfy.
  • Middle padding – Usually, the middle layer is made from foam. Soft foams spring back quickly, whereas firm foams don’t. Thickness of this layer may differ within a single mattress like you can feel increased firmness in the center of the mattress.
  • Insulation mattress padding – Padding laid on coil springs top protecting top layers from coils.
  • Mattress ticking & quilting – Outer mattress layer includes ticking and quilting attaches ticking to top padding layers.

These tips can help those suffering from low back pain to make an informed decision while selecting an ideal mattress for sleep comfort and back support!

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