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How to Choose the Right Telehandlers

Plant hire services allow you to have access to a wide variety of machinery and equipment that can come in very handy on a construction site. Rather than be tied down to one type of equipment, or one model, you can completely expand your potential by hiring a plant company that helps in a variety of ways.

When choosing a plant hire company, ensure that they offer flexible delivery in terms of both location and schedule, fitting in with the needs of your projects. One area that you can be helped with immensely when it comes to plant hire companies is with the expertise they hold. This can come in very handy, especially when choosing the correct telehandler for your needs.

In terms of cost, it makes much more sense to hire telehandlers rather than to purchase a telehandler. Renting construction equipment allows you to have complete freedom to choose the telehandler that is right for the specific job in front of you, rather than be forced into using the same model on every single job because you have paid the outlay to own it outright.

This flexibility is invaluable when working on different tasks and different terrains. If you require a small telehandler for the start of a project, but suddenly you are in need of a larger telehandler, your plant hire service will be in a great position to help you out. Ensuring that you have the precise model of telehandler that is perfect for that specific situation. Once you have completed that task, the telehandler is returned, and a different model is delivered that is more specific to the next phase of a project.

This approach just isn’t possible when you have purchased a telehandler. It is important to have the right weight capacity for each specific section of a task, to ensure the safety of the operator and those working close by on site. The maximum lift height is also important, as it the impact of any other features and attachments that can be utilised.

Your plant hire expert will have full knowledge of all telehandlers within the company’s fleet and will be in the perfect position to provide you with all of the guidance and advice you require to make the correct choice of telehandler hire.

Always ensure you are working with a plant hire company that can offer you the very latest telehandler models. Utilising the expertise and know-how of the plant hire service will allow you to choose the best telehandlers for your specific site, location, the terrain and logistics of your specific operation, and to ensure that you are fully equipped and prepared to meet the upcoming challenges head-on.

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