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Ingredients with More Shelf Life Must be Bought in Bulk

It is no secret that buying in bulk saves money. It also saves us from paying visit to the grocery store time an again. Additionally, one doesn’t suddenly run out of ingredients if things are stored in good amounts at home. However, not every product can be stored for long periods. You must have knowledge about products that can be stored for months or even years.

Some regular ingredients that have a higher shelf life and can be stored in bulk for years are as below –

Beans seeds (dried) – Dried beans, a great source of protein can be stored for about thirty years.

Honey – Honey is a natural sweetener and can be preserved for years together because of its highly acidic nature.

Pure vanilla extract – Pure vanilla extract can be stored and used indefinitely when kept away from heat and light and by closing the lid tightly.

Hot sauce – Hot sauce adds a zing to dishes such as pizza, salads egg and so on.

They can be stored for three to five years.

Soy sauce – Soy sauce is a big part of stir fries and Chinese preparations.

It has large amount of sodium because of which it can last for more than three years if properly stored. It can be stored in the refrigerator as well as out at room temperature.

Baking soda – Other than being a leavening agent while baking, baking soda has many other uses.  It can be used in home made toothpastes, cleaning your fridge, removing stains and so on.

Baking soda lasts for many years. To test whether it is still good, add some drops of vinegar to see if it bubbles.

Pure maple syrup – Maple syrup can be used in multiple ways. It can go directly on top of any food as well as be part of a recipe. Délices Erable & cie are a big hit these days. They come in a variety of beautiful packs and combinations.

Sealed pure maple syrup can be stored for many years. If kept in the freezer, it can be used forever. It will not solidify either. However, one should keep checking for moulds.

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar enhance salads and soups with their acidic hint.

They can last up to five years when stored properly in a cool, dry place. More so in the refrigerator. Its lid needs to be closed tightly.

Even though these ingredients have above-normal shelf life, you should always keep checking them from time to time. The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the way to preserve these ingredients.

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