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Know What to Look for Before Buying Cat Food

If you own a cat, you want to keep them as healthy as you can. You have probably realized the importance of giving your pet a high-quality diet. But, finding the best cat food can be confusing. You will have endless options to choose from. Learning what exactly to look for can help you pick the best food for your beloved cat.

Keep reading to know what to look for when buying cat food in India:

Information to Look For

Before you choose a cat food brand, take your time examining the label. Buy only cat food that lists the following:

  • Protein Source. Ensure you are getting cat food from a brand that mentions a specific protein source instead of just “meat.” Choose lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey, and others.
  • Fillers or Carbohydrates. Cats need to consume meat to thrive and don’t need carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, they have issues digesting some carbohydrates and some food contents can trigger food allergies. But, the majority of dry foods depend on carbs as their fillers necessary to hold the other ingredients together. That is why it’s often best to avoid buying cat food that has grains.  Find carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, green peas, or potato starch. Know that a lot of cats are allergic to wheat.
  • Fat Source. Just like protein source, the best cat food should name its specific fat source. Find something like chicken fat. Also, you may see other oils listed on the label like sunflower oil.

  • Taurine. Cats need a dietary source of taurine to maintain good health. Cats that do not get adequate amounts of taurine can suffer from heart disease. Fortunately, cat food manufacturers add this amino acid to their products.

Things to Keep in Mind before Shopping

Before you shop for healthy cat food and even cat toys, talk to your vet so you know what to keep in mind. Remember that kittens need kitten food because they require adequate levels of nutrients to help them grow up strong and healthy. Cat foods meant for adults may not have the nutrients necessary for a growing kitten. As your pet grows older, their metabolism slows, thus, the number of calories and nutrients that help them grow can lead to weight problems in older cats. Buy cat food that is specially formulated to meet your pet’s needs throughout their life stages.  Continue to talk to your vet about food that assists pets with certain health problems like digestive issues.

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