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The Key Materials and Fabrics That Helps Custom Velcro Patches Stand Out

With Velcro patches, you can give your business employees a much-needed personality and style. Velcro strips can be used to attach patches to jackets, caps, and shirts to display the company name or logo. They have several unique features like flexibility, convenience, and design. Custom patches are mostly computerized, made with superior technology.

Materials used for making Velcro patches

There are several threads that can be used to manufacture Velcro strip patches, but the most commonly used material is Madeira thread.

Madeira threads are quite expensive but they are strong, durable and can stand strong levels of heat. They are very flexible and gives excellent results. Madeira thread is the default material for firefighter patches as they can survive high temperature and do not get damaged. Fire resistance is the most outstanding quality of Madeira that makes it different from others.

The most commonly used fabric is polyester twill. Other used fabrics are:

  • Nylon
  • Felt
  • Leather, both real and fake
  • Canvas

Whatever background material you want, just tell it to the designers and they will prepare the Velcro patch especially for you.

Advantages of using a Velcro fastener

If the same clothing used by more than one person, for eg a boy scout uniform, then Velcro fastened patches are the best for you. The previous owner can easily attach and then remove his/her name patch and the cloth can be used by the other person. The new owner can then attach his/her own name patch to the cloth and it won’t look shabby or worn out. There are many companies that use rental uniforms and in this case, a Velcro patch is perfect.

The Madeira thread and polyester twill fabric makes custom velcro patches stand out from the others. They can be easily attached and detached for further uses and are extremely popular today.

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