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Vintage Skateboards: Collecting Valuable Pieces with a Fascinating History

These days, skateboarding is a famous sport and both riders and spectators collect vintage skateboards.  These relics go back to the sport’s earliest form. Vintage skateboard decks have a good aesthetic that many people display them in their homes.

Niche collectors enjoy searching for the rarest items in their areas of interest. But, not many niches have the type of cultural following that vintage skateboards do. Although the earliest models of these boards were not so safe and offered no ability to steer, they kicked off one of the biggest cultural movement in the country. Newer skating innovations have been introduced by each generation. Vintage keyboards are highly collectible and increase in value each year.

A History of Vintage Skateboards

Before vintage boards settled on the size and style of modern skateboards, they went through many incarnations. For instance, boards built from the 1950s through the 1970s were shaped more like a surfboard and made of plastic or solid wood. The majority of were only 6-7 inches wide. Also, they had clay or metal wheels.

In the late 1970s, skateboards were built using modern urethane wheels instead of clay or metal wheels. The added trucks and other components have a style that was much closer to contemporary boards than the earlier models. The 1970 boards usually had decks made of fiberglass and polypropylene.

In the 1980s, boards maker got more creative. A lot of top skateboards during this time owned their own skateboard companies or offered creative input for board designs. This is the reasons boards during this era had an individualist style which makes them famous among collectors.

Collecting Vintage Skateboard

If you are looking for vintage skateboards for sale to add to your collection, find brands that were famous in their day. A lot of them were made by the earliest pros of the sport. These high-end vintage boards are hard to come by. Aside from being priced by collectors, only a few of them were produced. During the early days of skateboarding, there were not as many skaters around. Only a few can afford to invest in high-end boards at that time.

The value of vintage skateboards is based on a long and fascinating history. Those with the highest value were made independently by professional boarders. Vintage skateboard collectors take into account the style, rarity, and condition of the boards.  Boards that are highly prized are those that can still be used.

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